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Name Title Department
Julie S Baines Julie S Baines Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Catalina Bazacliu Catalina Bazacliu Clinical Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Marylou Behnke Marylou Behnke Professor Emeritus MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Sumita Bhaduri-McIntosh Sumita Bhaduri-McIntosh Chief And Associate Professor, Pediatric Infectious Diseases MD-PEDS-INFECTIOUS DISEASES
Erik W Black Erik W Black Associate Professor MD-PEDS-GENERAL
Nicole P Black Nicole P Black Associate Professor MD-PEDS-HOSPITALIST PROGRAM
Vandy Black Vandy Black Clinical Associate Professor MD-PEDS-HEMATOLOGY
Sanford L Boye Sanford L Boye Associate Scientist MD-POWELL GENE THERAPY CENTER
Shannon E Boye Shannon E Boye Associate Professor, Associate Division Chief – Cellular And Molecular Therapeutics MD-PEDS-CELL / MOLEC THERP DIV
David J Burchfield David J Burchfield Professor & Chief; Neonatology Eminent Scholar Chair MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Barry J Byrne Barry J Byrne Professor And Associate Chair MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Nicole T Cacho Nicole T Cacho Clinical Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Matthew Cascio Matthew Cascio Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-HEMATOLOGY
Vijayendran Chandran Vijayendran Chandran Assistant Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Sam Cheng Sam Cheng Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-GASTROENTEROLOGY
Brian D Cleaver Brian D Cleaver Associate Program Director MD-POWELL GENE THERAPY CENTER
Nathalie Clement Nathalie Clement Associate Program Director And Associate Professor MD-POWELL GENE THERAPY CENTER
Shelley W Collins Shelley W Collins Professor Of Pediatrics MD-PEDS-HOSPITALIST PROGRAM
Manuela Corti Manuela Corti Research Assistant Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Silvia Delgado Silvia Delgado Clinical Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-PULMONARY
Daniel J Driscoll Daniel J Driscoll Professor MD-PEDS-GENETICS
Melissa E Elder Melissa E Elder Professor & Chief MD-PATHOLOGY
Dima Ezmigna Dima Ezmigna Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics / Pediatric Pulmonology MD-PEDS-PULMONARY
Donald J Fillipps Donald J Fillipps Clinical Associate Professor MD-PEDS-GENERAL
Eduardo H Garin Eduardo H Garin Clinical Professor MD-PEDS-NEPHROLOGY
Michael J Haller Michael J Haller Professor And Chief MD-PEDS-ENDOCRINOLOGY
Brad E Hoffman Brad E Hoffman Associate Professor MD-PEDS-CELL / MOLEC THERP DIV
Christopher D Jolley Christopher D Jolley Professor And Chief Of The Division Of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, And Nutrition MD-PEDS-GASTROENTEROLOGY
Peter B Kang Peter B Kang Professor And Chief MD-PEDS-NEUROLOGY
Robert M Lawrence Robert M Lawrence Clinical Professor MD-PEDS-INFECTIOUS DISEASES
Carmen E Leon Astudillo Carmen E Leon Astudillo Clinical Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-PULMONARY
Judy F Lew Judy F Lew Program Director And Clinical Associate Professor MD-PEDS-INFECTIOUS DISEASES
Michele N Lossius Michele N Lossius Associate Professor And Division Chief For Pediatric Hospital Medicine MD-PEDS-HOSPITALIST PROGRAM
Gustavo Maegawa Gustavo Maegawa Associate Professor MD-PEDS-GENETICS
Michael McIntosh Michael McIntosh Associate Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Jennifer L Miller Jennifer L Miller Professor MD-PEDS-ENDOCRINOLOGY
Meredith E Mowitz Meredith E Mowitz Clinical Assistant Professor; Co-medical Director, UF Health Neonatal Intensive Care Unit MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Eric J Nelson Eric J Nelson Assistant Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Josef Neu Josef Neu Professor; Director Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Donald A Novak Donald A Novak Professor MD-PEDS-GASTROENTEROLOGY
Maureen A Novak Maureen A Novak Professor MD-PEDS-GENERAL
Christina A Pacak Christina A Pacak Assistant Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Bryon E Petersen Bryon E Petersen Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Liya Pi Liya Pi Research Assistant Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Sreekala Prabhakaran Sreekala Prabhakaran Clinical Associate Professor MD-PEDS-PULMONARY
Sonja A Rasmussen Sonja A Rasmussen Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Scott A Rivkees Scott A Rivkees Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Jeffrey Roth Jeffrey Roth Research Professor MD-PEDS-PDS
Jessica L W Ruoss Jessica L W Ruoss Clinical Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Desmond A Schatz Desmond A Schatz Interim Chair And Professor MD-PEDS-ADMINISTRATION
Lawrence R Shoemaker Lawrence R Shoemaker Clinical Associate Professor And Chief MD-PEDS-NEPHROLOGY
Janet H Silverstein Janet H Silverstein Professor And Chief MD-PEDS-ENDOCRINOLOGY
William Slayton William Slayton Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-HEMATOLOGY
Anne-Marie J V Slinger-Constant Anne-Marie J V Slinger-Constant Clinical Assistant Professor MD-PEDS-NEUROLOGY
Arun Srivastava Arun Srivastava Division Chief, George H. Kitzman Professor MD-PEDS-CELL / MOLEC THERP DIV
Sandra E Sullivan Sandra E Sullivan Associate Professor; Director, Center For Breastfeeding Medicine MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Lindsay A Thompson Lindsay A Thompson Professor And Medical Director, Pediatric Research Hub MD-PEDS-GENERAL
Mary Wagner Mary Wagner Clinical Professor MD-PEDS-PULMONARY
Michael D Weiss Michael D Weiss Professor; Medical Director, ShandsCair Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Team MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Christopher C Wendler Christopher C Wendler Assistant Professor MD-CHILD HEALTH RES INSTITUTE
Charles A Williams Charles A Williams Professor Emeritus MD-PEDS-GENETICS
James L Wynn James L Wynn Professor MD-PEDS-NEONATOLOGY
Serge Zolotukhin Serge Zolotukhin Associate Professor MD-PEDS-CELL / MOLEC THERP DIV
Roberto T Zori Roberto T Zori Professor And Chief MD-PEDS-GENETICS