News & Events

Dr. Barry Byrne Named Innovator of the Year (UF Innovate)

The annual event honored Dr. Barry Byrne as Innovator of the Year for his contributions to gene therapy and highlighted six teams of inventors for their Inventions of the Year.  

UF study focuses on autistic adults

Dr. Brandon Zielinski, chief of pediatric neurology in the UF College of Medicine, said the study aims to better understand the brain and cognitive changes that occur in people with…

UF researchers receive grant to study therapeutic approaches for EBV-positive lymphomas

Two University of Florida pediatric infectious disease researchers have received a $3.5 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to study how the Epstein-Barr virus contributes to a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

UF Health researcher co-leading landmark study on autism’s role in aging

While the number of adults affected by autism is growing, very little is known about the way the condition is impacted by aging. Now, a University of Florida Health researcher…

Research Events

Annual Pediatrics Science Day

The primary purpose of Pediatrics Science Day is to give trainees, whether students, post-docs, residents, fellows, or junior faculty, the opportunity to present their research to their colleagues, and to obtain scientific feed-back in a friendly environment. We strongly encourage the submission of abstracts that either have been recently presented at or have been submitted to national research meetings. However, most importantly, we would like to encourage the participation of all trainees in this unique opportunity!

Peds Science Day

Pediatric Medical Student Research Forum

Pediatrics is an ever-changing field of discovery and innovation. Today’s research will lead to tomorrow’s cures. This is an exciting opportunity to share your research with your peers. Open to all medical students in the United States, this forum will take place in conjunction with the annual conference of the FCAAP, which students are also welcome to attend.

2022 Medical Student Research Forum Group Photo