Ridding the World of Bad Blood

Hemophilia Grant recipients: Herzog, Srivastava, ZolotukhinThree pediatric researchers, Drs. Zolotukhin, Srivastava, and Herzog are supported by a number of grants from NIH and Bayer Healthcare, totaling more than $6 million. And the researchers are having no problem putting the money to good use.

Their current research efforts is devoted to developing and testing gene therapy methods to eradicate both forms of hemophilia by providing the missing clotting protein to the body through oral medication. This research is an effort to close the gap of current patient care options.

Currently, the typical treatment is IV infusion of the missing protein that is rejected by over a fourth of recipients. The aim here is to provide an easier and more effective way to deliver to protein; ridding the world of bad blood one patient at a time.