About Pediatrics Science Day

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In 1982, Dr. Sam Gross established Pediatrics Science Day to give UF researchers of all academic levels the opportunity to present and discuss their research. The primary purpose of this event is to create an environment where researchers can learn of advancements, discuss the future of research, and ultimately form partnerships that will transform the field of Pediatrics. Since its inception thirty years ago, this event has grown from just a few speakers to nearly fifty oral and poster presentations that highlight the cutting edge research conducted at the University of Florida each year.

In the spirit of this tradition, it is now time to call on our researchers for the abstracts of potential presentations for our Annual Pediatrics Science Day. All pre-doctoral students, doctoral students, medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty are invited to submit an abstract of their current research for consideration as either an oral or poster presentation. In addition to abstract submissions, residents and fellows may also submit interesting clinical cases which include a brief case presentation, summary of unusual disease presentation or perplexing diagnosis, and a literature review of novel diagnostic methods and treatments.

Executive Committee Members

  • Arun Srivastava (Co-Chair)
  • Barry Byrne, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
  • Christy Pacak, PhD
  • Lauren Ruoss, MD
  • Lindsay Thompson, MD, MS
  • Michael Haller, MD, MS-CI
  • Lawrence Shoemaker, MD

 Event Planning Committee Members

  • Nikki Atzinger, BS
  • Stephanie Salabarria, BS