Pediatrics Proposal Submission Policy


Federal and other extramural funding is becoming increasingly competitive.  To sustain and grow our existing research program, we should take advantage of the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated among our departmental and other UF investigators.  Our goal as a department is to submit the best possible proposal that has received internal review and comments prior to the first submission.

I would like to establish a 5 business-day submission deadline for all proposals submitted from the Department of Pediatrics.  This requirement is especially important now that NIH/CSR has eliminated a two day window for corrections.  For all proposals, budgets should be finalized before the proposal is reviewed.   A draft of the full proposal should be submitted to the Grants office along with the budget to confirm consistency.

In keeping with improving the mentoring process in the department, proposals from early-career faculty should be submitted 2 weeks before the deadline.  All proposals from this group of faculty will receive a peer review from the mentoring committee as well as other departmental PIs.  When necessary, other senior investigators will be invited to review proposals and provide comments on an ad-hoc basis.  We are facilitating the internal submission and review process by establishing an online portal that allows for secure information storage and sharing via SharePoint.

Barry Byrne, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Chair for Research