Nathalie Clément, Ph.D.

Nathalie ClementDivision

Child Health Research Institute

Academic Title

Associate Director Powell Gene Therapy Center Vector Core

Contact Information


Powell Gene Therapy Center


  • Director, AAV Core Facility, 2003-2008, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
  • Post-doctoral fellowship, 2001-2003, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
  • Ph.D, 2001, University Libre of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
  • B.S., 1995, University Libre of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Research Overview

Dr. Clément as Associate Director is in charge of the overall supervision of the AAV Vector Core production facility, located in the Department of Pediatrics, Powell Gene Therapy Center. More particularly she is involved in Process & Development of new methods for large-scale AAV vector production and purification. These activities are performed in tight collaboration with the Human Application Laboratory to ensure efficient and swift transfer of these methodologies to GMP settings for clinical grade preparations.


Dr. Clément gained an extensive knowledge in both the Gene Therapy and Parvovirus fields during her Ph.D work and post-doctoral fellowship, with a special emphasis in the development of AAV-based vectors for Gene Therapy applications. She ran a core facility in the Mount Sinai Hospital where she was in charge of supervising the development of many new AAV-based vectors including their production, purification and quality control assays. She was recently recruited to the PGTC where she continues to dedicate her research to the development of AAV vectors for research and clinical projects.

Key Publications

Additional publications can be found in PubMed.

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