Janet Silverstein, M.D.

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352-265-7337 (phone)
352-627-4415 (fax)

Research Overview

Dr. Silverstein focuses on type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, obesity, psychosocial issues in pediatric chronic disease, general endocrinology (including disorders of growth, puberty, thyroid, bone metabolism, and water metabolism), lipid disorders, and patient advocacy. She attends 34 clinics: 26 diabetes clinics, 6 endocrine clinics, and 2 obesity/lipid clinics. Her participation in clinical research involves mentoring fellows and junior faculty in studies on cardiovascular risk in diabetes and pre-diabetes as well as adherence in type 1 diabetes and obesity. She also serves as an endocrine in-patient attending physician 3-4 months per year and general ward attending 1 month per year; she teaches medical students, residents, and fellows in the clinic, ward settings, and in diabetes camps.

Key Publications

  1. Driscoll KA, Killian M, Johnson SB, Silverstein JH, Deeb LC. (2009). Predictors of Study Completion and Withdrawal in a Randomized Clinical Trial of a Pediatric Diabetes Adherence Intervention. Contemporary clinical trials.
  2. Haller MJ, Stein JM, Shuster JJ, Theriaque D, Samyn MM, Pepine C, Silverstein JH. (2009). Pediatric Atorvastatin in Diabetes Trial (PADIT): a pilot study to determine the effect of atorvastatin on arterial stiffness and endothelial function in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus. Journal of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism: JPEM, 22(1):65-8.
  3. Janicke DM, Sallinen BJ, Perri MG, Lutes LD, Silverstein JH, Brumback B. (2009). Comparison of program costs for parent-only and family-based interventions for pediatric obesity in medically underserved rural settings. The journal of rural health, 25(3):326-30.
  4. Lehmkuhl HD, Merlo LJ, Devine K, Gaines J, Storch EA, Silverstein JH, Geffken GR. (2009). Perceptions of Type 1 Diabetes among Affected Youth and their Peers. Journal of clinical psychology in medical settings, 16(3):209-15.
  5. Lewin AB, Lagreca AM, Geffken GR, Williams LB, Duke DC, Storch EA, Silverstein JH. (2009). Validity and Reliability of an Adolescent and Parent Rating Scale of Type 1 Diabetes Adherence Behaviors: The Self-Care Inventory (SCI). Journal of pediatric pyschology.
  6. Lewin AB, Storch EA, Williams LB, Duke DC, Silverstein JH, Geffken GR. (2009). Brief Report: Normative Data on a Structured Interview for Diabetes Adherence in Childhood. Journal of pediatric pyschology.
  7. Zineh I, Beitelshees AL, Silverstein JH, Haller MJ. (2009). Serum monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 concentrations associate with diabetes status but not arterial stiffness in children with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Care, 32(3):465-7.