Gary Todd, Ph.D.


Child Health Research Institute

Academic Title

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Contact Information


Website: Falk Research Laboratory


  • Ph.D. Neurobiology, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, Exeter. UK. 2010
  • MSc. Molecular Medicine, Cranfield University. UK. 2006
  • BSc. Genetics, University of Wales, Swansea. UK 2005

Research Overview

My research interests encompass muscle, nerve and cardiorespiratory pathology in neuromuscular diseases. My current project focuses on identifying markers of neuromuscular junction dysfunction in Pompe disease and defining physiological outcomes following AAV9-based gene therapy. I am also interested in determining therapeutic windows for AAV9 therapy and understanding how these correlate with functional rescue. The overall goal of my work is to optimize a minimally invasive therapy to restore missing gene products in both muscle and neuronal tissue to preserve the integrity and functionality of the neuromuscular junction.

Key Publications

  1. Mah, C.S., Soustek M.S., Todd A.G., McCall A., Smith B.K., Corti M., Falk D.J., Byrne B.J. (2013) Adeno-associated virus-mediated gene therapy for metabolic myopathy. Hum Gene Ther. (11): 928-36
  2. Todd A.G., Lin H., Ebert A,D., Liu Y,. Androphy E,J. (2012) COPI transport complexes bind to specific RNAs in neuronal cells. Hum. Mol. Genet, 22, 729-736.
  3. Custer S.K, Todd A.G., Singh N., Androphy E. (2013) Dilysine motifs in exon 2b of SMN protein mediate binding to the COPI vesicle protein α-COP and neurite outgrowth in a cell culture model of spinal muscular atrophy. Hum. Mol. Genet, 22(20):4043-52
  4. Todd A.G., Morse R., Shaw D.J,. McGinley S., Stebbings H., Young P.J. (2010) SMN, Gemin2 and Gemin3 associate with b-actin mRNA in the cytoplasm of neuronal cells in vitro. J Mol Biol. 401(5), 681-9.
  5. Todd A.G., Morse R., Shaw D.J., Stebbings H., Young P.J. (2010) Analysis of SMN-neurite granules: Core Cajal body components are absent from SMN-cytoplasmic complexes. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 397(3), 479-85.
  6. Todd A.G., Shaw D.J., Morse R., Stebbings H. and Young P.J. (2010) SMN and the Gemin proteins form sub-complexes that localise to both stationary and dynamic neurite granules. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 394(1), 211-6.