Damien Marsic, Ph.D.

Damien MarsicDivision

Cellular and Molecular Therapy

Academic Title

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Contact Information

352-273-8159 (phone)


Cancer and Genetics Research Complex, Room 235


  • Ph.D. Biotechnology, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 2006

Research Overview

Development of a synthetic AAV capsid library and generation of gene therapy vectors that are specific to particular organs or tissues.


Dr. Damien Marsic received a PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2006. His research on replicative enzymes from hyperthermophilic microorganisms led to the creation of the company Extremozyme, for which he developed a range of PCR products. He also developed a gene synthesis technology which is now used commercially by the company iXpressGenes. He joined the Cell and Molecular Therapy division of the University of Florida department of Pediatrics in 2008 to work on an ambitious project of a synthetic AAV capsid library, a promising tool for gene therapy.

Key Publications

  1. Marsic, D., Hughes, R.C., Byrne-Steele, M.L. and Ng, J.D. (2008). PCR-based gene synthesis to produce recombinant proteins for crystallization. BMC Biotechnology 8: 44.
  2. Marsic, D., Flaman, J.M. and Ng, J.D. (2008). New DNA polymerase from the hyperthermophilic marine archaeon Thermococcus thioreducens. Extremophiles 12: 775-788.

Other Activities

Playing music (guitar, piano, accordion), running, volunteering (Raelian Movement)