The Department of Pediatrics has 16 divisions and programs that provide services at the main hospital or one of the many satellites and clinics. Serving over 35,000 patients a year, Children’s Health Services is the most comprehensive and multidisciplinary outpatient practice for children in North Central Florida. Further, the Department seeks to capitalize our unique position on the major research campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville to offer comprehensive training in pediatrics. With over 130 outstanding faculty members, comprising the full range of subspecialty and general pediatrics, the quality and diversity of the faculty creates a well-balanced experience in our pediatric residency program, offering a superb entry point either into the practice of pediatrics or into further subspecialty training and an academic career. Finally, transferring the outcomes of medical science research to the care of patients is a major emphasis of the departmental faculty and the research staff. The UF Department of Pediatrics faculty work in multidisciplinary teams with researchers in the five other Health Science Center colleges, as well as those from across the campus.


Chen Ling, Ph. D.