2017 Oral Presentation Schedule

Oral presentation Session I: Gene Therapy (Moderator: George Perrin, PhD)

9:15 AM: Silveli Suzuki-Hatano – Pre-Clinical Development of AAV-Mediated TAZ Gene Delivery to Treat Barth Syndrome

9:30 AM: Lauren Duncanson – AAV mediated gene replacement and correction of cardiomyopathy in a novel rodent model of Pompe disease.

9:45 AM: Jamie L. Shirley, BS – Type I Interferon Signaling is Essential for Cross-Presentation and Cross-Priming of CD8+ T cells Against AAV Capsid

10:00 AM: Sandeep RP Kumar, PhD – Vector dose-dependent delayed CD8+ T cell-mediated clearance of AAV encoded antigen in the liver


Oral presentation Session II: Disease Mechanisms (Moderator: James Wynn, MD)

10:30 AM: Liya Pi, PhD – CTGF Is Regulated By HNF4a And Plays Important Roles In Liver Repair During Alcohol/CCl4 Induced Injury

10:45 AM: Madhurima Saha – Preclinical drug discovery for the treatment of MEGF10 myopathy

11:00 AM: Michael H. Guo, PhD – Leveraging large-scale sequencing data to identify novel genes for Isolated gonadotropin deficiency

11:15 AM: Christine C. Bruels PhD In-silico prediction of novel splice sites created by single nucleotide variants in the human genome


Oral presentation Session III: Clinical Research (Moderator: Vandy Black, MD)

2:00 PM: Melanie R. Shapiro, BS – Diminished Insulin-like Growth Factors in Pre-Type 1 Diabetes

2:15 PM: Laura M. Jacobsen, MD – Islet Autoantibodies Are Associated with Insulitis but Not Beta Cell Loss in Type 1 Diabetes

2:30 PM: Ashley Cooley, MD – High Takeoff of the Right Coronary Artery by Echocardiography: Normal Variant or Something More?

2:45 PM: Steven L. Raymond, MD – Neutrophil Function and Transcriptomics in Term and Preterm Neonates


Oral presentation Session IV: Patient-Oriented Care (Moderator: Mary-Katherine Siebenaler, MD)

3:15 PM: Kristin Dayton – Developing a Novel Screening Strategy in Overweight and Obese Children at Risk for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

3:30 PM: Sharon Lo, BS –  Pediatric Crohn’s Disease: Indications for Surgical Intervention

3:45 PM: Carolina Rueda, MEd/EdS – Educating Health Professionals to Improve Health Outcomes of Immigrant, Undocumented, Latino/Hispanic Children and Their Respective Pregnant Mothers Living in Poverty in the United States

4:00 PM: Yeon-Kyeong (Caroline) Noh, MD – Evidence-Based Guidelines for Optimization of Nutrition for the Very Low Birth Weight and Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants